Hans on the Baby Boomers

"Boomers will welcome retirement, of course, most of them. Most boomers will join in the longest and wildest retirement party in the history of mankind, complete with the best medicine, the tastiest gourmet food, the most lavish vacations, the grandest entertainment, the highest class retirement resorts. A few who've long appreciated the cultural weight of their employments, such as liberal professors and liberal journalists and liberal government bureaucrats, will leave their fields reluctantly, if possible waiting until late hours of life, as the comparatively conservative rising generation threatens reversals.

There may be a few mannered after Hunter S. Thompson who blow their brains out in despair when faced with a bit of the human condition. But generally there is a delusion in place that will prolong the engagement of the Bills and Hillarys in their egotistical marches down to the natural grave."

-Hans Zeiger, Baby Boomers at 60 (July 13, 2006)

Hans on Financial Aid

"Bureaucrats, legislators and students in our state should learn that government is not meant to be in the college-aid business."

-Hans Zeiger, Don't Let the Government Pay for My Higher Education (March 24, 2003)

Hans on PBS and NPR

"Yet, PBS and NPR are not in the 'interests of the people.' The free market is always responsive to the interests of the people through the wondrous operations of supply and demand. [...] If there is a television demand for Big Bird and Mr. Rogers and Teletubbies, and Black Adder and other British comedies, along with various historical and nature documentaries, surely the free market will pick it up. "

-Hans Zeiger, Privatize PBS and NPR (January 5, 2004)

Hans on Evergreen State College

"The radical ideologies espoused every day at Evergreen State College are of every nasty branch of extremism. Anti-Americanism. Anti-God. Anti-life. Anti-Israel. Anti-capitalism. Anti-tradition."

-Hans Zeiger, Mourning Rachel Corrie (April 1, 2003)