Hans Zeiger: Mourning Rachel Corrie

Originally published on April 1, 2003 on The WorldNetDaily website. The article was removed in July 2010 and no longer exists in the Google Cache. The following is the missing article in its entirety.

I had not intended to be at Rachel Corrie's memorial service last weekend. I had gone to Evergreen State College for an entirely different reason. I did feel out of place walking into the gym where the service was held – some there were clad in their grungy peacenik t-shirts with jeans and Birkenstocks, while others who took part in a musical procession were dressed in gigantic animal costumes. Multi-faith peace prayers were recited, and speakers lauded Rachel as a "peacemaker."

Rachel Corrie burned a flag in the streets of Israel, stood guard outside of Yasser Arafat's compound lest terrorism be undermined, and met her fate in the wrong place at the wrong time. But she did have every intention of standing where she was at the moment an Israeli military bulldozer ran her over. Many Americans have reserved very little sympathy for her situation. It is true that her death would merit a Darwin Award.

I did feel sorry for Rachel Corrie when I dropped in to her memorial service. She was young and fragile, but her mind had been vulnerable to destructive ideas. As I looked around the room, I realized that Evergreen State College had a few things to do with Rachel Corrie's death. A feeling of rage welled up within me. Destructive ideas have destructive consequences.

The radical ideologies espoused every day at Evergreen State College are of every nasty branch of extremism. Anti-Americanism. Anti-God. Anti-life. Anti-Israel. Anti-capitalism. Anti-tradition. One course description paints the American founding fathers as advocates of "injustice." Another course claims "non-violent resistance" as the preferable route to change. A course entitled "Engaging Cuba: Uncommon Approaches to the Common Good" glorifies Fidel Castro and his communist regime as a success in human government.

My first exposure to the college came when I visited it in the seventh grade. I saw their "art" gallery filled with pornography and littered with that month's theme: human feces art. A few years ago, notorious death-row cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal was the commencement speaker at the Evergreen graduation ceremony. The Evergreen Queer Alliance lists 12 sexual orientations that it celebrates. The day I visited last weekend, posters heralded the upcoming Evergreen Sex Conference. Neither "perversion" nor "disgusting" are adequate words for the activities taking place at Evergreen.

When it comes to international affairs and political philosophy, Evergreen is no more sane than its campus activities would suggest. It is dominated by a radical leftist ideology.

That Rachel Corrie's sacrifice was widely condoned in the leftist community is clear – that her condoners cheered her on in her role as a leftist holy warrior against Israel and America is equally clear.

Last week, Rachel's parents lobbied Congress for a full investigation into the Israeli military for hitting a human obstacle. They certainly have a right to demand an answer to why this tragedy occurred. Yet I have a sneaking suspicion that a military bulldozer is not apt to stop for an enemy sympathizer that blocks its path. The real question is: Why did Rachel Corrie choose to stand in the path of a military vehicle?

Instead of investigating Israel, another investigation is appropriate. I call for congressional investigation of Evergreen State College.

Citizens should also be asking important questions. Does Evergreen provide a fair and balanced educational forum? Who's teaching there? What connections does Evergreen have to terrorist organizations? When we answer these questions, I believe we will have a far better understanding of why Rachel Corrie died young.