Hans Zeiger: The NEA and GLSEN vs America

Originally published on July 5, 2004 on The Intellectual Conservative website. The article was removed in July 2010 and no longer exists in the Google Cache. The following is the missing article in its entirety.

The NEA and GLSEN are waging war on the most enduring things of our civilization: our faith, our heritage, our character, our self-government, and our family structure.

Last week I wrote about the partnership of the Parent Teacher Association with Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. This week, the National Education Association at its annual convention is bestowing an award for Creative Leadership in Human Rights to Kevin Jennings, co-founder and director of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN). This is notable, not because the NEA is championing the radical homosexual agenda (it has long done so), and not because GLSEN is in our schools (it has long been there), but because both are terrorist organizations and we ought to be reminded of that.

GLSEN is a cultural terrorist organization, and, as U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige noted in February, the NEA is an educational terrorist organization.

Mr. Jennings’ network supports over 2,500 Gay Straight Alliances in America’s high schools and middle schools. Since 1996, GLSEN has organized the annual Homosexual Day of Silence in schools to raise awareness of closeted and open homosexuals who supposedly cannot speak for fear of homophobia. In April, several thousand schools recognized the Homosexual Day of Silence, many with official administrative and teacher support. GLSEN sponsors Pink Proms in hundreds of schools for students of alternative sexual orientations.

And Mr. Jennings has worked hard to promote homosexual propaganda films like A Scout’s Honor to destroy the Boy Scouts of America, and Journey to a Hate Free Millennium to suggest that the tragic beating death of Matthew Shepard is a normal occurrence in the homosexual community.

GLSEN just sent out a report calling on the states to enforce rigid non-discrimination laws to protect homosexuals, “safe-schools” laws to prevent anti-homosexual classroom bias, and aggressive sexual education.

That other terrorist organization, the National Education Association, has extorted billions of dollars from its members to promote the appallingly Bolshevist platform of national union bosses. As the most powerful constituency of the Democratic Party, the union will enthusiastically endorse Viet Cong Kerry at the NEA convention this week. The NEA is almost exclusively responsible for setting the decadent public education agenda in America, an agenda that includes opposition to parental choice, opposition to local educational control, opposition to charter schools, opposition to performance-based teacher salaries, opposition to vouchers, opposition to religious faith in school, and — since many NEA members pay dues by force of threat and intimidation and coercion — opposition to ordered liberty in general.

I am a graduate of a public high school, so I know well that many teachers feel helpless when it comes to having a voice in the school system. The NEA effectively stifles the wills of professional teachers who want an individual career plan instead of obnoxious and expensive dues-funded political agitation by a mass-fueled, agenda-driven socialist union.

We speak much of terror networks in our time, and here is one of the vilest, for it has made greater progress in the tearing down of American institutions and ideals than Iraq or Al Quaeda have. NEA and GLSEN are not the only groups in the network; the ACLU and NARAL and Planned Parenthood and Americans United for Separation of Church and State and others come to mind.

They mean to wage war on the most sacred and most enduring things of our civilization: our faith, our heritage, our character, our self-government, and our family structure. Thousands of years of roots beneath our national identity come snapping apart as the NEA and GLSEN and its allies win converts, file lawsuits, train activists, build budgets, change vocabularies. We might avert the final uprooting of this great tree with many prayers and many battles.